2019-02-15_16.56.07Gabriel4Nutrition is owned and managed by myself, Samantha Gabriel.

I first took an interest in Food and Nutrition at a young age,  as I was classified overweight at 7 years old and at 16 years old   suffered with an eating disorder.  These  experiences encouraged me to study further and I subsequently learnt how to take my health seriously. This has led to 'Gabriel4Nutrition'. My Passion and Mission is to educate and motivate clients, as we work closely together to set and achieve their Nutrition and   Wellness goals. 

have been educated in Food Science; Nutrition; Personal Fitness Training and Pharmacology. This has given me valuable insight  into how optimum health is possible for everyone,  by seeking personalized advice from Physicians and Wellness Specialists.
I have had the pleasure of  contributing to groups of sports indiviuals by lecturing on Sports Nutrition, at  the KZN Cricket Union and NRU referees Society. It is obvious that good nutrition is vital in the Sports Careers of players and I enjoy ironing out Nutritional myths, and helping them to improve their sporting performances.

In addition to the above, I design Diet and Lifestyle Plans for the individual; company staff and couples, which are not generalised but personalised. The 'one size fits all' approach is no longer beneficial as each individual is different, both by   blood and DNA.
Therefore in addition to popular Weight Loss Plans, I offer Genepro DNADiet Plans and  Blood Type Diets. Testing and  Reports are all inclusive. I am fully dedicated to my Clients as they strive to reach their goals.

Visit the Services page to see the Diet Plans available. Send an enquiry & I will reply to you within 24 hours. 

You may order any Diet Plan via the Enquiry Online Order page.

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